In 2008-9, Rushcliffe Squash Club have expanded to 3 teams in the Nottingham squash leagues, sponsored by Husqvarna Studio

The overall position may be found here.

This is a new site listing all the Notts results.

Fixtures for 2008-9

First Team (division 4)

Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Player 5
Thurs October 02 2008MSC Nomads 4Rushcliffe 17.10Won 3-2DH 3-2SC 1-3TR 3-1NL 2-3MR 3-0
Mon October 06 2008Rushcliffe 1Southwell 37.20Won 4-1DH 3-2SC 3-1TR 3-1NL 0-3MP 3-0
Mon October 13 2008Friesland BSC 1Rushcliffe 17.30Won 3-2DH 3-0SC 2-3TR 3-0NL 0-3GS 3-0
Mon October 27 2008Rushcliffe 1David Lloyd WB 47.20Won 4-1IH 3-1SC 3-1TR 3-0NL 0-3GP 3-2
Tues November 04 2008OllertonRushcliffe 17.20Won 4-1DH 3-1IH 3-2SC 3-0RC 1-3JN 3-1
Mon November 10 2008Rushcliffe 1David Lloyd WB 37.20 * Cancelled *
Friday November 28 2008Trent Bridge 5Rushcliffe 17.30Won 3-2IH 1-3SC 3-1TR 3-1NL 1-3RC 3-0
Thurs December 04 2008David Lloyd Aspley 4Rushcliffe 17.30Won 3-2DH 0-3IH 3-0SC 3-2TR 3-1NL 0-3
Mon December 08 2008Rushcliffe 1Southwell 27.20Won 3-2DH 1-3IH 3-1SC 3-0NL 3-2CBl 1-3
Mon January 5 2009Rushcliffe 1MSC Nomads 47.20Won 3-2DH 2-3IH 1-3SC 3-0MR 3-0GD 3-2
Mon January 19 2009Southwell 3Rushcliffe 17.00Lost 2-3DH 3-0IH 3-1SC 0-3NL 2-3CM 1-3
Mon January 26 2009Rushcliffe 1Friesland BSC 17.20Won 4-1DH 2-3IH 3-1SC 3-0NL 3-0MR 3-1
Sun February 8 2009David Lloyd WB 4Rushcliffe 16.00Lost 1-4DH 1-3IH 3-0SC 2-3NL 0-3GP 1-3
Mon February 16 2009Rushcliffe 1Ollerton7.20Won 5-0DH 3-2IH 3-1SC 3-0NL 3-2GS 3-0
Wed February 25 2009David Lloyd WB 3Rushcliffe 17.20 * Cancelled *
Mon March 09 2009Rushcliffe 1Trent Bridge 57.20Won 3-2DH 1-3IH 3-0SC 3-0MP 3-0CM 0-3
Mon March 16 2009Rushcliffe 1David Lloyd Aspley 47.20Won 5-0DH 3-2IH 3-0SC 3-1NL 3-2MR 3-1
Thurs April 09 2009Southwell 2Rushcliffe 17.00


Second Team (division 5)

Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Player 5
Thurs October 02 2008Rushcliffe 2David Lloyd Aspley 57.20Won 4-1MP 3-0DF 1-3GP 3-0GD 3-1CM 3-0
Thurs October 09 2008Rushcliffe 2Southwell 47.20Won 5-0MR 3-0MP 3-1DF 3-0GP 3-0GD 3-1
Mon October 13 2008Uni Students 3Rushcliffe 27.00Lost 0-5GS 2-3DF 0-3GP 0-3CM 2-3RC 0-3
Thurs October 30 2008Rushcliffe 2Grove 37.20Won 3-2MR 0-3MP 3-1DF 1-3GP 3-0RC 3-0
Mon November 03 2008CalvertonRushcliffe 27.00Won 4-1MR 3-1MP 3-0DF 0-3GP 3-0RC 3-0
Thurs November 13 2008Rushcliffe 2David Lloyd WB 57.20Won 5-0GS 3-0MR 3-1DF 3-0GP 3-0RC 3-0
Sun December 14 2008Nottingham 7Rushcliffe 25.00Lost 2-3MR 1-3DF 0-3GP 3-2CM 3-2PF 1-3
Wed January 7 2009Chilwell 2Rushcliffe 27.00Won 5-0MR 3-0MP 3-0DF 3-0GP 3-0JN 3-0
Wed January 14 2009David Lloyd Aspley 5Rushcliffe 27.30Won 5-0MR 3-1MP 3-0DF 3-2GP 3-0RC 3-0
Thurs January 22 2009Southwell 4Rushcliffe 27.00Won 4-1MR 3-0MP 3-0DF 3-1RC 3-0JN 1-3
Thurs January 29 2009Rushcliffe 2Uni Students 37.20Lost 2-3MR 3-1MP 2-3DF 2-3GP 2-3RC 3-1
Thurs February 5 2009Rushcliffe 2Chilwell 27.20Won 5-0MP 3-0DF 3-0GP 3-0RC 3-0PB 3-0
Tues February 10 2009Grove 3Rushcliffe 27.00Won 4-1GS 1-3MR 3-2DF 3-0GP 3-1RC 3-0
Thurs February 19 2009Rushcliffe 2Calverton7.20Won 4-1MR 3-1MP 3-2DF 3-1GP 2-3RC 3-1
Thurs February 26 2009David Lloyd WB 5Rushcliffe 27.20Won 4-1MR 3-1MP 3-1DF 3-0GP 1-3RC 3-1
Mon March 16 2009Trent Vale 2Rushcliffe 27.20Won 5-0MR 3-1MP 3-0DF 3-1GP 3-1RC 3-0
Thurs March 19 2009Rushcliffe 2Trent Vale 27.20Won 5-0walkover
Thurs March 26 2009Rushcliffe 2Nottingham 77.20Won 4-1MR 1-3MP 3-0DF 3-0GP 3-2RC 3-1


Third Team (division 6)

Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Player 5
Sun October 05 2008David Lloyd Aspley ColtsRushcliffe 35.00Won 3-2GD 0-3CM 1-3CrB 3-1ChB 3-1MT 3-0
Thurs October 09 2008Southwell 5Rushcliffe 37.00Won 3-2CM 1-3CrB 3-0ChB 0-3MT 3-2MH 3-0
Wed October 15 2008Rushcliffe 3MS Nomads 57.20Won 5-0GD 3-2CM 3-0CrB 3-0ChB 3-0MT 3-1
Tues October 28 2008Nottingham MedicsRushcliffe 37.15Won 3-2GD 3-1CM 3-0CrB 3-0ChB 1-3MT 1-3
Wed November 05 2008Rushcliffe 3Sutton 37.20Won 5-0GD 3-0CM 3-0CrB 3-0ChB 3-0MT 3-0
Thurs November 13 2008Uni Students 4Rushcliffe 37.00Won 3-2GD 0-3CM 0-3CrB 3-1ChB 3-0MT 3-2
Wed November 26 2008Rushcliffe 3DNA Notts Colts7.20Won 3-2CM 0-3CrB 3-1ChB 0-3MT 3-0NC 3-0
Sun December 07 2008Nottingham 6Rushcliffe 37.00Lost 1-4GD 1-3CM 1-3CrB 3-2ChB 0-3MT 1-3
Wed December 10 2008Rushcliffe 3Trent Bridge 67.20Lost 2-3GD 1-3CM 2-3ChB 0-3MT 3-2PB 3-0
Sun January 04 2009Sutton 3Rushcliffe 36.15Won 5-0GD 3-1CM 3-0PB 3-0ChB 3-2MT 3-0
Wed January 14 2009Rushcliffe 3David Lloyd Aspley Colts7.20Won 4-1GD 0-3CM 3-1PB 3-0ChB 3-1MT 3-0
Wed January 21 2009Rushcliffe 3Southwell 57.20Won 4-1GD 0-3CM 3-2PB 3-0ChB 3-0MT 3-1
Thurs January 29 2009MS Nomads 5Rushcliffe 37.10 Won 5-0walkover
Wed February 11 2009Rushcliffe 3Nottingham Medics7.20Won 4-1GD 3-1CM 3-1PB 3-0MT 1-3JN 3-0
Wed February 25 2009Rushcliffe 3Uni Students 47.20Won 5-0walkover
Thurs March 12 2009DNA Notts ColtsRushcliffe 37.30Lost 1-4NK 1-3CM 2-3PB 2-3MT 3-1PF 2-3
Wed March 18 2009Rushcliffe 3Nottingham 67.20Lost 0-5NK 0-3GD 0-3CM 0-3PB 2-3ChB 2-3
Thurs March 26 2009Trent Bridge 6Rushcliffe 37.30Won 3-2NK 3-2GD 3-1CM 1-3MT 0-3JN 3-0

Seedings list 2008-9

  1. David Hastings
  2. Ian Huskinson
  3. Simon Cross
  4. Tim Roff
  5. Norman Lazonby
  6. Gary Smith
  7. Mark Ritchie
  8. Michael Plant
  9. David Frost
  10. Glen Prince
  11. Neil Kerrod
  12. Mark Watson
  13. Ben Green
  14. Richard Chubb
  15. Gary Downs
  16. Craig Blackshaw
  17. Chris May
  18. Pete Bendall
  19. Chris Bossart
  20. Mark Triffitt
  21. Peter Fairley
  22. Paul Reaney
  23. Neil Coles
  24. James Nelson
  25. Paul Palmer
  26. Mark Harris
  27. Steve Young
  28. Steve Rendell
  29. Dan Darnbrook
  30. Steve Evans