Link to England squash response

Dear RSC Member
In view of the most recent advice from then government and Public Health England on avoidance of unnecessary social contact, the Committee have discussed how the club should proceed, including the option of immediate cessation of internal leagues and team matches. The Club Captain has also asked for clarification from England Squash.
Pending that advice from ES – or the possible closure of the Arena –  the Committee has agreed to continue with the leagues for now and complete the remaining team matches.
Members of course will make their own decisions about continuing to play their league games ( or any games ) and should notify Paul Hill if they decide to stop playing, as some have done already.
We will of course let you know if the position changes.
Pete McGavin on behalf of
RSC Committee
PS. This was a split decision by the Committee and we are normally in agreement, showing the complexity and uncertainty of the situation.