Monthly generation of leagues:

The leagues run monthly with the top two being promoted and the bottom two relegated at the end of the month.


However, there are always people coming back into the leagues after an absence and also people dropping out. Below are general guidelines that are followed when this happens:

  1. At the end of the month everyone already in the leagues are ranked according to the month end positions, and the 2 up 2 down rule applied.
  2. Anyone who is injured, has requested to drop out or has not played in the previous month and did not contact the league secretary to explain why is dropped
  3. Anyone returning from absence (for what ever reason) will be slotted in approximately to their ability. This is not necessarily into the league they had previously been playing in. It could be higher or lower.
  4. Any new members will be slotted in approximately in the league they requested/Darren advised.
  5. The leagues are then generated. Generally they will be filled to 6 people but occasionally they will be left at 5,


This approach generally works well, but when there are large number of people joining or returning it means that additional leagues need to be added, and players are inserted in higher leagues. Therefore players in lower leagues may see themselves dropping down a division when they expected to be promoted. This is unfortunately unavoidable. But you are still ranked higher than previous months opponents and will still generally be in a higher league than them.

occasionally two or even 3 players will be tied for points in league
when this happens then the round robin and head to head results between the tied players is used to determine position
if there are still ties after this then the starting league positions are used to determine position

Leagues Etiquette

Please make every attempt to play your matches in the month

Where a player offers you a court then please respond in a timely manner with a yes or no so that they have sufficient time to cancel the court.

if you have committed to play and then are unable to do so for whatever reason, please let your opponent know asap so they can cancel the court.

If you are injured then let the League Secretary know as soon as possible and they will update the web site to mark you as injured.