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Person who finishes top will go up 2 leagues

Person who finishes second goes up 1 league

Person who finishes second to bottom goes down 1 league

Person who finishes bottom goes down 2 leagues

This approach is in place at some other clubs and leads to a wider variation of opponent rather than frequently playing the same people

(Note for this system to work it requires 3 people from P1 to be relegated. 4th and 5th will go down to P2 and 6th will go down to L1.)


How to use the leagues page

After logging in, you can type scores into the grids in the same places as you would fill them in on paper. (See the league scoring section for details on scoring)

You then need to click the save button when finished to save the result.

You cannot erase a result but you can amend an incorrect result by just changing the two existing scores.

How to book courts
  • Rushcliffe Arena 0115 981 4027  or legacy Parkwood online booking
  • Prime time courts reserved for our club members. Book in person or over the phone for prime time. Expressions can book 14 days in advance and non-expressions 10 days. PLEASE DON’T ABUSE OUR PRIVILEGE
  • Lee Westwood Sports Centre 0115 848 3219 (Cost £6 per court, just mention you are a club member when booking)
Point A Rally (PAR) : New Game Scoring from September 2018

The Club has now adopted PAR scoring (Point A Rally) which is now the most common scoring method in Squash. It is used in all professional comps, all junior and student squash and most leagues in the country. The Nottinghamshire county leagues in which we have 6 teams competing will also adopt PAR scoring this season.

Basically every serve or rally results in a point scored for the winner regardless of who has served. The winning point per game is normally 11 but can be higher than this (but not lower). If the score gets to 10-10 then the winner must win by 2 clear points, ie 12-10, 13-11, etc. Matches are still best of 5 games.

At the AGM in July it was decided to change from our traditional scoring (HIHO) to PAR scoring for all our club leagues and cups. For Prem 1 & 2 i will be up to 11. In Leagues 1 to 4 it will be up to 13 and Leagues 5 and below will use 15 as the finish point. Rallies tend to be longer at a higher standard so this should ensure that matches are still of an adequate length. Please feedback to Paul Hill if you think matches are too short and over too quickly. The finish points will be reviewed and can be adjusted if they need to be.

League Scoring


Score 2 per game won, plus 1 for ‘turning up’. This means possible scores translate as follows:

3-0 => 7-1
3-1 => 7-3
3-2 => 7-5

and if you run out of time the score so far in whole games is used, in which case:

2-0 => 5-1
2-1 => 5-3
2-2 => 5-5
1-0 => 3-1
1-1 => 3-3
0-0 => 1-1 (extremely rare!!)


Your league points total is multiplied by the number of games played that month to provide your total score, which decides promotion and relegation.

If your opponent fails to turn up for a match, or if your opponent cannot play after several viable offers,you may claim 6 – 0, which also counts towards the number used for the multiplier. Please try and agree this amicably with your opponent, the league secretary does not get involved in disputes.

If a player in your league is injured after playing at least one match, please let Paul Hill know so he can discount their results for promotion purposes. We will add an icon against the player’s name to show this.

If you are injured during a league, wish to leave or re-enter the leagues next month, or need a result deleting, please email Paul Hill.

league rules and etiquette page 

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COVID-19 Statement

Well done to Jon Sheard for most improved player for last month Feb’2020 39.7%

Over 50s Comp – Plate comp drawn and available online
Glen Prince Handicap – Plate comp drawn and available online

Club Championships A B and C comps have been drawn  

Comps are all on hold… we’ll sort it all out when lockdown is over. Stay safe everyone
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